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SAXON 2011 Call To Arms.flv

Новое видео английских ветеранов к выпуску в сентябре альбома для Северной Америки. В американский дигипак входят "Call To Arms" и бонус диск "Live At Donington 1980".

"Call To Arms":

01. Hammer Of The Gods
02. Back In '79
03. Surviving Against The Odds
04. Mists Of Avalon
05. Call To Arms
06. Chasing The Bullet
07. Afterburner
08. When Doomsday Comes (Hybrid Theory)
09. No Rest For The Wicked
10. Ballad Of The Working Man
11. Call To Arms - Orchestral Version


Live At Donington 1980 (remixed and remastered from original multitrack tape)

01. Motorcycle Man
02. Still Fit To Boogie
03. Freeway Mad
04. Backs To The Wall
05. Wheels Of Steel
06. Bap Shu Ap
07. 747 (Strangers In The Night)

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