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Amaranthe "Amaranthe" 2011-CD-9/10
Appearance of Nothing "All Gods Are Gone" 2011-CD-7/10
Bad Habit "Atmosphere" 2011-CD-5/10
Blood Ceremony "Living With The Ancients" 2011-CD-9/10
Bonfire "Branded" 2011-CD-6/10
Brian Robertson "Diamonds and Dirt" 2011-CD-7/10
Bullet "Highway Pirates" 2011-CD-9/10
Cauldron "Burning Fortune" 2011-CD-6/10
Demon's Eye "The Stranger Within" 2011-CD-5/10
Destruction "Day of Reckoning" 2011-CD-6/10
Essence "Lost in Violence" 2011-CD-6/10
Fluxious "Why So Serious?" 2011-CD-8/10
Kingdom Come "Rendered Waters" 2011-CD-5/10
King Kobra "King Kobra" 2011-CD-6/10
Last Autumn's Dream "Yes" 2011-CD-6/10
Lost In Thought "Opus Arise" 2011-CD-9/10
Mr.Big "What If..." 2011-CD-6/10
Mustasch "The New Sound Of The True Best" 2011-CD-9/10
Nazareth "Big Dogz" 2011-CD-6/10
Onslaught "Sounds of Violence" 2011-CD-7/10
Scheepers "Scheepers" 2011-CD-5/10
Sideburn /Switzerland/ "Jail" 2011-CD-7/10
Sirenia "The Enigma of Life" 2011-CD-6/10
Stratovarius "Elysium" 2011-CD-8/10
Ten "Stormwarning"  2011-CD-5/10
the Poodles "Performocracy" 2011-CD-5/10
Tigertailz "Bezerk Live: Burnin' Fuel" 2011-CD-10
TNT "A Farewell to Arms"/"Engine" 2011-CD-8/10
Twinspirits "Legacy" 2011-CD-7/10
Uriah Heep "Into The Wild" 2011-CD-7/10
Voodoo Circle "Broken Heart Syndrome" 2011-CD-5/10
Warrant "Rockaholic" 2011-CD-5/10
Within Temptation "The Unforgiving" 2011-CD-10

AC/DC "Iron Man 2" 2010-CD/DVD-8/10+video
Accept "Blood Of The Nations" 2010-CD-9/10
Accu§er "Agitation" 2010-CD-8/10
Airbourne "No Guts, No Glory" 2010-CD-5/10
Alice Cooper "Alice Does Alice".2010-EP-10/10
Anihilated "Scorched Earth Policy" 2010-CD-8/10
Annihilator "Annihilator" 2010-CD-6/10

Annihilator "Total Annihilation" 2010-CD-6/10
Apocalyptica "7th Symphony" 2010-CD-8/10
Bachman & Turner "Bachman & Turner" 2010-CD-6/10 
Black Country Communion "Black Country" 2010-CD-7/10
Black Hawk "Straight To Hell" 2010-CD-8/10
Barbe-Q-Barbies "All Over You" 2010-CD-7/10 
Black Label Society "Order of the Black" 2010-CD-5/10 
Black Sabbath "The Eternal Idol" Deluxe Edition 2010-CD-10
Blackmore's Night "Autumn Sky" 2010-CD-6/10
Bombay Black "Love You To Death" 2010-CD-7/10
Bret Michaels "Custom Built" 2010-CD-5/10
Bruce Kulick "BK3" 2010-CD-8/10

Corruptor "Towering Inferno" 2010-CD-8/10
Crashdiet "Generation Wild" 2010-CD-5/10

David Marcelis's Lord Volture "Beast Of Thunder" 2010-CD-9/10
David "Rock" Feinstein "Bitten By The Beast" 2010-CD-7/10
Death Angel "Relentless Retribution" 2010-CD-7/10
District 97 "Hybrid Child" 2010-CD-9/10
District 97 "Live at CalProg" 2010-CD-9/10
Doro "25 Years In Rock... And Still Going Strong" 2010-2DVD-10/10
Downspirit "Point Of Origin" 2010-CD-8/10
Europe "iTunes Festival:London" 2010-EP-10/10 
Exciter "Death Machine" 2010-CD-7/10
Exodus "Exhibit B: The Human Condition" 2010-CD-8/10
Extreme "Take Us Alive" 2010-CD-8/10+DVD-10/10
Firewind "Days of Defiance" 2010-CD-5/10
First Signal "First Signal" 2010-CD-6/10 
Flotsam & Jetsam "The Cold" 2010-CD-6/10
FM "Metropolis" 2010-CD-5/10

Gamma Ray "To the Metal" 2010-CD-6/10
Ghost "The Engraving" 2010-CD-8/10
Grave Forsaken "Fight to the Death" 2010-CD-7/10
GWAR "Bloody Pit of Horror" 2010-CD-7/10
H.E.A.T."Freedom Rock" 2010-CD-6/10
Halford "Live In Anaheim" 2010 DVD/2CD-10+8/10
Heart "Red Velvet Car" 2010-CD-6/10
Heaven And Hell "Neon Nights:30 Years of Heaven & Hell" 2010-CD/DVD-10/10
Helloween "7 Sinners" 2010-CD-6/10 
Human Temple "Murder Of Crows" 2010-CD-9/10
Hydrogyn "Judgement" 2010-CD-5/10
Iron Fate "Cast in Iron" 2010-CD-7/10
Iron Maiden "The Final Frontier" 2010-CD-5/10
Issa "Sign Of Angels" 2010-CD-9/10
Jane Bogaert "5th Dimension" 2010-CD-8/10 
Jeff Beck "Emotion & Commotion" 2010-CD-9/10
Joe Elliott's Down'n'Outz "My ReGeneration" 2010-CD-10/10
John Norum "Play Yard Blues" 2010-CD-10/10
Kissin'Dynamite "Steel Of Swabia"/"Addicted to Metal" 2008/2010-CD-6,7/10
Kiske/Somerville "Kiske/Somerville" 2010-CD-5/10
Krome "Kronic Rock" 2010-CD-8/10
Lillian Axe "Deep Red Shadows" 2010-CD-5/10 
Lordi "Babez for Breakfast" 2010-CD-7/10
Loveblast "Loveblast" 2010-CD-8/10
Marty Friedman "Bad D.N.A." 2010-CD-6/10
Masterplan "Time To Be King" 2010-CD-6/10
Megadeth "Rust In Peace - Live" 2010-CD/DVD/Blue-ray-9/10 
Ministry "Every Day is Halloween: Greatest Tricks" 2010-CD-8/10
Mister Bolin’s Late Night Revival "What If..." 2010-CD-10/10
Molly Hatchet "Justice" 2010-CD-8/10
Motorhead "The World Is Yours" 2010-CD-9/10
Mutiny Within "Mutiny Within" 2010-CD-8/10
Mystery "One Among the Living" 2010-CD-10/10
My Darkest Days 2010-CD-8/10
Ozzy Osbourne "Scream" 2010-CD-6/10
Paul Gilbert "Fuzz Universe" 2010-CD-7/10
Pessimist "Call to War" 2010-CD-8/10 
Phenomena "Blind Faith" 2010-CD-8/10 
Philip Sayce "Innerevolution" 2010-CD-6/10
Pretty Maids "Pandemonium" 2010-CD-6/10
Ratt "Infestation" 2010-CD-9/10
Rezet "Have Gun, Will Travel" 2010-CD-7/10
Ripe "A Moment of Forever" 2010-CD
Ripped "Ripped" 2010-CD-8/10
Robert Plant & Band of Joy "Band of Joy" 2010-CD-7/10 
Robin Beck "The Great Escape" 2010-CD-6/10
Scorpions "Sting In The Tail" 2010-CD-7/10+video
Shining Line "Shining Line" 2010-CD-5/10
Shouse "Alone on the Sun" 2010-CD-7/10
Sideburn /Sweden/ "The Demon Dance" 2010-CD-10/10 
Sin City Sinners "Exile On Fremont Street" 2010-CD-5/10 
Sister Sin "True Sound Of The Underground" 2010-CD-9/10
Skull Fist "Heavier Than Metal" 2010-EP-8/10
Skyforger "Kurbads" 2010-CD-9/10 
Slash "Live In Manchester"(Ltd.Ed.)2010-CD-10/10
Slash "Slash" 2010-CD-9/10

Sodom "In War and Pieces" 2010-CD-9/10
Sora "Demented Honour"+"Desire And Truth" 2006+2010-CD-5/10+7/10
Spartan Warrior "Behind Closed Eyes" 2010-CD-8/10
Spitfire (Ita) "Time and Eternity" 2010-CD-8/10

Stacey Blades "Symphonic Slam".2010.CD
State Of Rock "A Point Of Destiny" 2010-CD-6/10
Stratosphere "Fire Flight" 2010-CD-8/10 
Talon "Fire In Your Soul" /2002-Remaster/ 2010-CD-7/10
Tank "War Machine" 2010-CD-8/10
Tankard "Vol(l)ume 14" 2010-CD-8/10 
Tarja "What Lies Beneath" 2010-CD-9/10 
Witchunter "Crystal Demons" 2010-CD-8/10
Yngwie Malmsteen "Relentless" 2010-CD-7/10
Y&T "Facemelter" 2010-CD-5/10

Past Years: 
Alannah Myles "Black Velvet" 2008-CD-8/10
Amanda Somerville "Windows" 2009-CD-10/10
Annihilator "Live At Masters Of Rock" 2009-CD/DVD-9/10
Ars Nova "Seventh Hell" 2009-CD-9/10
Axe "Live in America 1981" 2001-CD-9/10
Bassinvaders "Hellbassbeaters" 2008-CD-8/10
Billy Idol "VH1-Storytellers" 2001-DVD-10/10
Blackthorne "Afterlife" 1993-CD-8/10
Bonafide "Something's Dripping" 2009-CD-8/10
Death Angel "Sonic Beatdown" 2009-CD-7/10
Dee Snider "Never Let The Bastards Wear You Down" 2000-CD-8/10
Destruction "The Curse of the Antichrist:Live in Agony" 2009-CD-9/10

Dynazty "Bring the Thunder" 2009-CD-8/10
Europe "Almost Unplugged.Live At Nalen" 2008-CD/DVD-9/10

Firenote "Firenote" 2009-CD-8/10
Gary Moore 1983-1987 6-live-bootlegs
Gary Moore "The Videosingles" 1985-1987-VHS-rip-download-10
Great White "My...My...My" 1991-DVD-9/10
Herman Frank "Loyal To None" 2009-CD-7/10
Holyhell "Holyhell" 2009-CD-8/10

Impulsia"Expressions" 2009-CD-8/10 
Jimi Hendrix "Merry Christmas And Happy New Year" 1999-CD's
Metallica "Franсais pour une nuit" 2009-DVD-6/10
Mortal Sin "Into The Inferno" 2009-CD-8/10
Mr.Big "Back To Budokan" 2009-DVD-9/10
Onslaught "Live Damnation" 2009-CD-9/10
Orianthi "Believe" 2009-CD-7/10
Outloud "We'll Rock You To Hell And Back Again!" 2009-CD-8/10

Ozzy Osbourne & Randy Rhoads "After Hours" 1982-DVD-9/10
Praying Mantis "Captured Alive In Tokyo City" 2003-CD/DVD-7/10
Precious Metal 1985/1990-3CD

Pump "Sonic Extasy" 2009-CD-8/10
Q5 "Steel the Light" 1984-CD-9/10

Queensryche "Starting Through" 1991-LiveBootlegCD-9/10
Randy Rhoads "Axeman" 1982-CD-9/10
Randy Rhoads "Six String God 1979-1982" DVD-9/10
Rory Gallagher "Irish Tour'74" 1974-CD/DVD-9/10
Scorpions "Amazonia" 2009-DVD-7/10
Steelheart "Steelheart" 1990-CD-10/10

The Answer "Everyday Demons" 2009-CD-9/10
The Cult 2DVD:"Music Without Fear" 2002-DVD-9/10+"New York City" 2007-DVD-6/10 + download "Painted On My Heart"
The Order "Rockwolf" 2009-CD-8/10
The Poodles "Clash of the Elements" 2009-CD-9/10

Thomsen "Let's Get Ruthless" 2009-CD-8/10
Various Artists "Guitars That Ate My Brain" 2009-CD-8/10
Various Artists "The Best Of Melodic Rock" 2003-DVD-6/10 
Widowmaker "Blood And Bullets" 1992-CD-8/10
Widowmaker "Stand By For Pain" 1994-CD-9/10

Artillery "Warrior Blood" 2011
Duff McKagan's Loaded "Dead Skin" 2011
Eden's Curse "No Holy Man" 2011
Hell "On Earth As It Is In Hell" 2011+download
Joe Elliot's Down'N'Outz "Overnight Angels" 2011
Leaves' Eyes "To France" 2011
Ozzy Osbourne "Let It Die" 2011-Full-HD-download
The Poodles "Cuts Like A Knife" 2011
Therion "Kali Yoga III" 2011-Full-HD-download
U.D.O. "Leatherhead" 2011
Uriah Heep "Nail On The Head" 2011
Whitesnake "Love Will Set You Free" 2011-Full-HD-download
Wicked Sensation "My Turn To Fly" 2011
Within Temptation "Sinead" 2011-download
Within Temptation "Triplets"/"Shot In The Dark" 2011-download
Within Temptation "Faster"+"Mother Maiden" 2011-Full-HD-download

Accept "Teutonic Terror" 2010
Exodus "Downfall" 2010
GWAR "Zombies, March!" 2010
Halford "Made Of Metal" 2010 
Heavenly "FullMoon".2010 uncesored video
Helloween "Are You Metal?" 2010
Iron Maiden "The Final Frontier" 2010
Megadeth "The Right To Go Insane" 2010
Motorhead "Ace Of Spades" 2010 
Mr.Big "Undertow" 2010
Ozzy Osbourne "Let Me Hear You Scream" 2010 
Ozzy Osbourne "Life Won't Wait" 2010
Rammstein "At Rock am Ring" 2010 official video
Ratt  "Eat Me Up Alive" 2010
Slash "Beautiful Dangerous" 2010
Slayer "World Painted Blood".2010
Tarja Turunen "I Feel Immortal" 2010 
Tarja Turunen "Until My Last Breath" 2010
Triptykon "Shatter" 2010

Past Years: 
Within Temptation 1998-2010. 20 video's download

Alannah Мyles март 2011
David Coverdale (Whitesnake) часть1. март 2011
David Coverdale (Whitesnake) часть2. март 2011
David Coverdale (Whitesnake) часть3. март 2011
Lenny Wolf (Kingdom Come) март 2011
Mick Wall "Enter Night–Metallica:The Biography" 2011
Tom Angelripper (Sodom) 28.01.2011
Robin Beck 20.01.2011
Sharon den Adel ("Within Temptation") март 2011
Alice Cooper press conference in "Hellfest".19.07.2010
Blacky Lawless (WASP) 08.04.2010

Dave Mustaine (Megadeth) 13.08.2010.
Doro Pesch 24.09.2010.
Gary Cherone (Extreme) december 2010.
Geoff Tate (Queensryche)02.11.2010
Jonathan Schang (District 97) 2010 
Julie Westlake (Hydrogyn) X.2010
Klaus Meine (Scorpions) 14.04.2010
Liv (Sister Sin).V.2010
Lemmy Kilmister.IV.2010.
Robert Plant for SunSentinel.com VII.2010. 
Steve Lee (Gotthard) 2010
Tony Iommy for Sunday Mercury.11.07.2010 
"The Big Four".Part I.Dave Mustaine & Kerry King
Wolf Hoffmann (Accept) IX.2010
Yngwie Malmsteen X.2010 

53 Grammy Awards 2011 Winners
"Big 4" in America. 23.04.2011 concert
Robert William Gary Moore (4 April 1952 – 6 February 2011)
"Golden Maxirock" 2010 
53 Grammy Awards nominants 2011.
Тяжёлая утрата. DIO 1942-2010
Heavy Metal Caricatures by Robs
James Joseph Marshall - photographer
"Pets Rock Calendar 2010"

Steve Lee из GOTTHARD погиб..(05.08.1963-05.10.2010)
"The Big Four":Metallica/Slayer/Megadeth/Antrax.Part II. как я смотрел кино
"The Big Four":Metallica/Slayer/Megadeth/Antrax.Part III. setlist

Wallpapers: Rock-Metal pack #1
Wallpapers: Rock-Metal pack #2
Metallica Concert at Riga Arena 2010

Metallica Concert at Riga Arena II "Записки очевидца" 2010


"Lemmy" 2010-кино-10/10

"Lennon Naked" 2010-кино-5/10
"Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll" 2010-кино-10/10
"Suck"("Глоток", "Засос") 2010-кино-8/10
"The Runaways" 2010 DVD-8/10
Past Years:
"Bandslam"/"Бэндслэм" 2009-DVD-8/10
"Bloody Hands" A film by Tomi Malkki 
"How Music Works" with Howard Goodall 2006-DVD-10/10

"Rock'n'Roll High School" 1979-DVD-9/10

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